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break the fever with sweet dreams - lazy bones icon journal

Hello and welcome to the avatar section of the Disco Is Dead network. This journal is open to anyone.

Please keep in mind some rules I have for this site:
Do comment and credit.
Do tell your friends about this place!
Do be nice.
Don't direct link.
Don't redistribute.
Don't claim as your own.

To credit properly don't forget when uploading your icons to your livejournal, in the comment to credit this site!


My name is Ashley. I turned twenty-two on June 29th. I enjoy learning German and knitting. Some of my favorite shows are Supernatural, Lost, Glee, The Mentalist, and The Office. Movies: Citizen Kane, Donnie Darko, and Little Miss Sunshine. I like to read, a lot, too much, it's sort of unhealthy. And I love all types of music but some of my favorites right now are You Me And Everybody We Know and Explosions In The Sky. I really lack anything that is of interest. Come say hello, no?

Places I am a part of:
last.fm: electricdoll
twitter: fairladyashley
tumblr: lovecrown
humblevoice: lulubird
deviantart: cheapescape
facebook: ashley richardson
the dark arts: lazy bones
shadowplay: lazy bones
monster mash: lazy bones
caution: lazy bones
rcr: lazy bones
caution: lazy bones
studio circus: lazy bones
lights mb: lazy.bones
rcr: lazy bones

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